Allergy Research Limited (ARL) is a trading subsidary of Allergy UK (the operating name of the British Allergy Foundation). We work with businesses that aim to improve the lives of people living with allergic disease and wish to help support the charity’s work.

All of ARL's profits are donated to Allergy UK. This money goes towards the operational working costs of the charity and enables it to carry out its vital patient support and campaign activities.

ARL works on behalf of Allergy UK and uses the charity’s name to promote the schemes we offer.

Key reasons to work with us

  1.  Help Allergy UK make a difference to the    millions of people affected by allergic disease
  2. Support our activities and campaigns to help raise awareness of the impact allergic disease has on the quality of life for those living with allergies
  3. A direct marketing opportunity to reach your target audience; millions of people affected by allergy
  4. Attract customers to your brand, distinguishing your brand from competitors; providing choice when options are limited
  5. Reinforce your social responsibility values
  6. Improve your company or product awareness and visibility through partnership activities.

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