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Allergy UK are delighted to be speaking at Natural and Organics Product Europe, Europe’s biggest trade show for natural products – making it the must attend event for buyers of everything from natural healthcare products, natural and organic foods, through to natural personal care and eco-household products.

Natural & Organic Products Europe is the UK industry event of the year attracting visitors from all across Europe. Thousands of professionals come together over two days at ExCeL, London.

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Presenter: Leigh George, Head of Endorsements, Allergy UK.

We estimate 21 million people in the UK live with allergic disease. For people living with allergy certain ingredients in the everyday products we use can cause problems. These can include ‘fragrance ingredients’, (some natural oils/plant extracts are actually fragrances), as well as preservatives, so are ‘natural and organic’ products suitable for people affected by allergy?

Do you have a product that is tested on the skin of human volunteers to prove tolerance and skin compatibility or ‘may be of benefit’ to users and ‘unlikely to cause a reaction’?

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The Green Register is delighted to be offering the UK’s first ever half-day series of training on Building Biology and so support members and other practitioners to deliver healthy living environments. 

Building Biology Series:

The science of creating healthy, life enhancing buildings

Four half-day technical sessions


May 2018

Building Biology is the holistic study of the interrelationships between humans and their man-made environment. It is the science of creating healthy, life enhancing buildings.

The Green Register’s Building Biology Series offers a unique opportunity to learn about Building Biology to a level lower than that delivered by the longer, highly regarded and internationally recognised IBN Building Biology Consultant Course run in the UK by the Building Biology Association.

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Our course is presented by Tomas Gartner one of the experts in the field. Tomas is an architect, certified Building Biologist, founding Director of the Building Biology Association and a Director of Gale & Snowden Architects and Mechanical Engineers.

The Building Biology movement is growing with over 6000 architects, doctors, surveyors, material suppliers etc trained internationally to create interiors which promote life within the built environment. We believe this course will be a fantastic way to gain an in depth understanding of all aspects of healthy building design.

The Sessions

10 May 2018 - Building Biology 1: Just another Ecolabel?

17 May 2018 - Building Biology 2: Compliant Material Specification

24 May 2018 - Building Biology 3: Compliant Services Design

31 May 2018 - Building Biology 4: Testing Methods and the SBM2015

The Venue

DeskLodge Bristol, The Oak Room, 1 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY 


Green Register / ASPB members: £65 per session / discounted rate of £225 for all four sessions

Non-members: £99 per session / discounted rate of £350 for all four sessions

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