Allergy Research Limited (ARL) is a trading subsidiary of the charity British Allergy Foundation (BAF), which operates as Allergy UK.

ARL was established to carry out business which may be advantageous and ancillary to the objects of Allergy UK, with the endeavour to donate all profits to the British Allergy Foundation.  These donations support the charity in carrying out its charitable Objects to support those living with allergic disease. The charity and trading subsidiary are different entities and are administered separately. Allergy Research is a Company Limited by Shares. 

Our Board

Dr. Brian Hewitt

Chair of Directors of ARL

Sarah Devlin

Director (Programme and Project Management)

Carla Jones

Director & Company Secretary

Lynne Pritchard

Director (Chair of Trustees of BAF)

Our Team

Leigh George

Head of Endorsements

Denise Hegarty